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You are only allowed to submit 4 pieces per day This is so that we aren't spammed. Here's a run down of all the folders that we have. This might help when it comes to submitting.

:bulletwhite: Landmasses and Cultures: This is also self explanatory. Humanizations of countries, states, cities, provinces, territories all go here. I also added on Cultures because as of recently I have been seeing people submit art of Tribes and the like. So they all go there. However, I don't want to see Hetalia fancharcters in this folder, they will automatically be declined. We only want ORIGINAL PERSONIFICATIONS OF NATIONS, STATES, PROVINCES, ETC. If you have hetalia fancharacters, there are a million and one other groups you can submit those too. This just happens to not be one of them.

:bulletblue: Electronics: Again self explanatory. But I just need to clear up something about this folder. Electronics also include things dealing with the internet. Like Browsers, Websites, things of that nature. So feel more than welcome to add those to this folder.

:bulletred: Inanimate Objects: Simple everyday things. Cars, Trolleys, Toothbrushes, etc.

:bulletwhite: Other: If you really don't know where it should be placed, I suggest you just dump it here.

:bulletblue:Food and Drink: Going through the others folder, I came across a lot of food and drink Humanizations. High time we have a folder for that.

:bulletred:Space: Another subject I seen a lot of art for in the others folder. It too now has a folder of it's own. Planets, Stars, Galaxies, anything pertaining to Space, goes here. I was thinking about including the Zodiac stuff that we have in this group as well.

:bulletwhite:Cosplay: Yet something else a saw an abundance of. Cosplay humanizations can be placed here. I was going to name it Photography, but then that really didn't make sense. So yeah, cosplay goes in this folder.

:bulletblue:Cartoons, Anime, TV: This folder is self-explanatory, you submit humanizations of characters from Cartoon Shows (Adventure Time, My Little Pony, etc), Anime, and also TV shows.

:bulletred:Video Games: You submit humanizations of, you guessed it, Video Game characters. Any style of games are welcome here. Examples of submissions to this folder includes: Pokemon, Portal, etc. App games also count, like Angry Birds, etc.

:bulletwhite:Movies, Books, Webcomics: You submit humanizations of characters from movies (be them live action movies of animated movies) as well as Books and Webcomics.

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Hi It's Mika here, one of the lovely mods that run this group. Bet you guys noticed how slow the submission process has become, right? Well I should've wrote an entry about that, but at the same time I thought I could handle it. I can't, and with school and the constant studying, I'm rarely on DA.
SO what I'm asking of you guys is, would someone like to be a mod and kinda keep things afloat? All you'll have to do is just approve submissions and make sure they're all in the correct folders. Also make sure that folks adhere to the group rules. It's nothing too difficult.

Only thing I ask is that you have some group modding experience. Preferably if you're a mod in a group. That's all I ask. If you're interested, please let me know by sending the group a message, and let me know what experience you have.

thanks in advance,

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flandre495 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Student General Artist
May I ask - do anthropomorphic personifications of historical figures such as a moe-fied Mozart count as humanizations? ^^;
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Ooh! Can I join?
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Can I join?
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hey, everything okay with this group? some my submission was expired, and some in pending condition for 5 days already...
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This is a great group ^^
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